"Take Two" Song List:


Prologue/Just Hit Send (Sam, Joe, Nick, & Alice)
Out And About (Joe)
Irreconcilable Differences (Nick & Sam)
Transition #1 (Joe)
The Shoe Song (Joe & Sam)
Transition #2 (Alice)
Starting All Over Again (Nick & Alice)
Transition #3 (Sam)
You Can't Judge A Profile By The Picture/ (Sam & Alice)
Compatibility Combat/ (Nick)
Quartet (Nick, Sam, Joe, & Alice)
Transition #4 (Nick)
Apology (Alice)
I've Got A Match (Sam, Joe, Alice, & Nick)


Entr'acte/Who Do I Wear This Time? (Nick, Joe, Sam, & Alice)
Transition #5 (Alice)
Death Of A Date (Joe & Nick)
Transition #6 (Sam)
Transition #7 (Nick)
Dreaming Away (Nick)
Transition #8 (Joe)
White Picket Fence (Joe)
60's The New 40 (Sam)
Dreaming Away Reprise (Sam & Nick)
Second Soul (Alice)
Finale/Take Two (Alice, Sam, Nick, & Joe)